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Digital Dentistry Wellington – Laser Sintered Chromes

Digital dentistry has taken the global industry by storm, and we’re proud to announce it is now available in our backyard.

Dentocast and AMS have teamed up and been busy trialling this technology over the passed several months, not only learning the benefits, but also stretching the limits of this new technology. It’s safe to say, we’re really impressed.

So impressed, that we’re ditching casting, and will be fabricating all our cobalt chrome frameworks with this superior technology.

What’s different in procedure?

Absolutely nothing for you. Here at dentocast, we will be designing our chromes using CAD (computer aided design) software, and sending these STL (standard tessellation language) files straight to AMS who are nestled at Callaghan Innovation right here in Wellington.

These sintered chromes will then be sent back to us at the lab, to be fit and polished by the same staff you’re accustomed to.

How is this better?

Good question. The sintering process builds up a framework in a series of successive layers 0.03mm in thickness. A high powered laser beam is focused onto a bed of powdered metal and these areas fuse into a thin solid layer. Another layer of powder is then laid down and the next slice of the framework is produced and fused with the first. This produces a robust, no porosity, highly dense, high medical grade final product.

The digital aspect gives consistently a high rate of accuracy, so you confidently get that comfortable, snug fit every time.

Having AMS so close to us, we will be striving to at the very least keep our already rapid turn around times, if not make them faster.

The great part of this service, is you can jump in at any stage. Have your own design software? Send your files through to AMS, and we can fit and polish them for you. Alternatively, like to fit and polish your own? Let us design your chrome for you.

It’s all new and exciting, and we hope to have you on board. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer as much as we can.

We look forward to working together, and continuing our superior service to you.

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